US/JP Translations

"Wait! That isn't Flea!"

Lots of changes have been made in the US version of Chrono Trigger. Some for censorship reasons (like everything related to religion), some because it was impossible to translate into the English language. Some mistranslations were apparently totally random. Maybe the translators just thought it would sound more cool, or whatever.

The most important change is Flea's name. In the japanese version the trio is named after condiments, whereas in the US version, they are named after famous pop stars. Flea's original name is Mayone Ma Yo Neeh.

Flea Vest is Mayone's Bra in the original version. Too sexy for the year 1995? The 2008 Nintendo DS version re-translated it to Flea's Bustier.


In the Japanese version, Flea's speech pattern resembles that of an old woman and occasionally that of a cute school girl. Many of his words are written in Katakana instead of Hiragana and Kanji. This makes him sound a bit more exotic (In the Japanese language, Katakana is usually used for foreign words that don't have a proper japanese translation). It may also point out that humans and mystics don't talk the same language. This appears even clearer due to the fact that there are also lots of yonee' and 'nee in his sentences, which makes it look like he has a speech impediment. (on the other hand, this might just be a little pun on his japanese name ma'yo'nee'.)

Here you can compare some of the 1995 US translations to the original japanese dialogues (italic). Note that Flea isn't just a magician, but a Space Magician (sora mashi) ;). That might explain why the background during the battle in Flea's room changes into a star field.

Frog: The magician, Flea, I presume?
  The Space Magician Mayone?!

(the team has to fight the fake Flea)

Frog: Wait! That isn't Flea... Where's the REAL Flea?!
  This isn't Mayone... Where's the real one?!
(...) Here, over here... Giving up, little tadpole?!
  Over here, here...
Froggie (kaeru-chan), How rude of you not to notice me, ne!
Robo: Who is this fiend?
Frog: Keep your guards up! This is no ordinary woman! Meet Flea, the magician!
  Be careful, this is the Space Magician Mayone! She is not an ordinary woman.
Flea: What the? Hey, I'm a GUY!
  Oooooh! I am a man, yo!
Robo: But its exterior is that of a female.
Flea: Male... female... what's the difference. Power is beauty, and I've got the power!
Poor little Froggie! You must be lonely now that Cyrus is gone.
And to be turned into something so hideous! Dreadful!
But since you've brought your new friends over to play... I'll show you all a good time
  Hoo hoo, it doesn't matter whether a man or woman, powerful people are beautiful, yonei.
It's lonely without Cyrus-chan, yone, isn't it, Kaeru-chan?
And on top of that, you were given such an ugly appearance, yonei!
But since you brought your new friends here to play with me...
I am going to entertain you all, yonei!

(The team has to fight the magician)

Flea: How can this be... Sir Magus.
  I... I can't believe you beat me...
Demoooon King ♥

(At Ozzie's Hideout after Magus joined the Party)

Flea: You sent for me? Well, if it isn't Sir Magus.
Who'd you bribe to get in here? Traitors like you deserve a beating!
Oh great Ozzie, stand back, and let ME take care of these cretins.
  Ye~es! You c♥a♥l♥l♥e♥d?
Ooo-oooh, it's Demon King.
You have some nerve showing your mug here, now, nei.
Big sister is gonna punish you for siding with the humans, yonei.
Well, Binegar-sama, you can sit back, now, and leave it to me, nei.
I'm going to deal with these people for you, yonei.
Ozzie: I'm counting on you, Flea!
  I'm counting on you, Mayone!
Flea: Get ready for a SLAPPING good time... get it?!

(After the battle)

Flea: OH! Just you wait! We'll teach you a lesson!