"I've got the power."

Flea doesn't use any physical weapons. The magician is a hideous trickster and specialized in powerful charming spells and illusions.


Flea carries a tiny golden (or copper/bronze) tea pot. I don't know what it's good for, but I guess it's some sort of catalyst for his magic... or maybe he's just a tea junkie...

The magician has a special armor called Flea Vest, which makes him more resistant to magic attacks. It can be stolen by Ayla in the final battle at Ozzie's Fort. The vest (which actually is a bra in the japanese version) can be equipped by female characters only.

Magic spells

His spells are similiar to Ayla's, but they go under different names. His magic spells include: Rainbow Storm, Waltz of the Wind, Prism Beam, The Stare & Kiss.

Prim Beam ♡/ Darkness
Calls a rainbow beam and rainbow colored hearts. His attack will cause damage to all party members.

The Stare ♡/ Flea's ♡♡Magic
Throws a kiss at someone. The target will then attack both party members for one time.

Waltz of the Wind / Chaos
Flea dances with a party member and puts him under a confuse spell. The target will randomly attack either himself, his friends or Flea until he is healed.

Heartfire Sword
Flea and Slash team up for a "Fire Sword" attack.

Delta Force
This powerful spell can only be cast in combination with his comrades Ozzie and Slash.

Bad Impulse
Ozzie tosses Slash into the air as Flea shoots a magical flame. The fire envelops Slash's sword as he performs an overhead slash.