Gender Issues

"Male...female. What's the difference?"

Lots of players have been confused by Flea's gender. Some people think he's a woman, because of the way the magician talks, looks and dresses.
Others think he's a crossdresser who likes to wear women clothes. In another theory Flea can change the appearence by shape-shifting magic. I tend to believe the 3rd one.

The first time we meet Flea, he's in the shape of a bat. So he must be able to change his appearence by magical powers. Also, Flea's true form must be male. Why? Mark this quote: "What the...?! I'm a GUY!" Well, he should know it ^_-.

By the way, in the japanese version he says "Atai wa otoko yo", which translates as "I'm a man", but amusingly uses a feminine speech pattern.

Official 'statement'

Despite these facts, many still insist that Flea must be a gender-confused woman, because how would it be possible for a man to look so feminine? ( comment *facepalm*) and why does the official character illustration by Akira Toriyama have boobs? (Again, totally ignoring shape-shifting magic or illusions)

Well, the Chrono Trigger sequel Chrono Cross finally revealed the truth.

In game+ mode it's possible to access a secret battle against the 3 mystical knights aka Ozzie, Slash and Flea. The battle is just a gimmick and in no way important to the plot, but whatever. While Flea still looks female (although the now short hairstyle gives him a rather androgynous look) his character stats are clearly marked as male. There you go!