The fearsome Three

"We'll teach you a lesson!"

Ozzie, Slash and Flea, known as the fearsome three live together at Magus Castle and Ozzie's Fort on a separate island in 600 AD. Here is a small description on Flea's comrades.

Ozzie - the General

He calls himself the top general of Magus' troops and appears to be a mighty magician. In truth he's just a mighty coward.
In the japanese version he sounds like an old man. His dialogues are written in Katakana which makes him sound more exotic (another detail which makes us think that the Mystics have an own language in the game). Ozzie is about the same age as Flea. He's also the father-in-law of Magus. He found the young boy years ago in the canyon of Guardia. He raised him, teached him all about dark magic and made him become the cruel and powerful mage, who is now (600 AD) holding war against Guardia's Kingdom. Ozzie dreams of a world that is ruled by Mystics and free of humankind.

Slash - the Swordman

The blue mystic is the youngest of the team (maybe as young as Glenn/Frog) but he's nonetheless an extremely skilled swordsman. He is very loyal to his lord and would never disobey him... unless his lord turns out to be a 'traitor', because he's even more loyal to the Mystics.
In the japanese version he is very serious and his dialogues use less Katakana. So, we can assume that he has less problems with the human language. Additionally, he sounds like an arrogant young warrior.

Magus - the dark Mage

The Demon King leads the troops of Mystics against the Kingdom of Guardia and is one of the key characters in the game. He was raised by Ozzie, but he is neither of mystic nor human lineage. His intention to summon the ancient being Lavos has nothing to do with Ozzie's foolish plans to conquer the world. Magus wants revenge for something that happened over 10.000 years ago. At some point Magus can join Crono's team. If that happens and they come back to the Fortress, Flea is quite offended to see that his old companion has joined forces with the humans and is eager to punish the traitor.


In the US version the names of Magus' comrades are those of famous pop stars. Flea is named after the bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ozzie is named after Ozzie Osbourn and Slash is named after the guitarist of Guns n' Roses.
In the Japanese version they are named after condiments. The original name of the magician is Mayonee, the general's name is Binegar - a parody on Vinegar and the swordman is named after Soy Sauce: Soyso.

Another fun fact; back in 1994, Square released an unfinished version for game retailers as a sample to generate interest and sales. In this version, Flea's name was "Ketchappa" (read as "Ketchup") and Slash's name was Weiner (like the "Wiener"). It's kinda amusing, because ketchup and sausage fit quite well together, just like Flea's and Slash's pink and blue character design. It seems kinda obvious that those two belong together ;).